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What Astrology has to say about a Sagittarius and his character, He is generally considered most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. See also.

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Denmark Dist of Columbia - U. Honduras Hungary Iceland Idaho - U. India Indiana - U. Indonesia Iowa - U. Kazakhstan Kentucky - U. Luxembourg Macedonia Madagascar Maine - U. Micronesia Midway Islands Minnesota - U. Below is an example compatibility chart for Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt.

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Such a chart makes it easier for an astrologer to compare personality traits between the couple. JKS Astrology offers totally free downloadable birth natal chart reports. Read for following guide to find out how you can compare your compatibility using professional astrology techniques for free! If you are new to astrology interpretation, download the un-known birth time report. If you have some experience in astrology interpretation, download the known birth time report.

Now download another report, but using your partners details. Or the person you want to compare your chart against. You should now have two different astrology natal report. The reports have particular subheadings, which have interpretations underneath.

Enter your partner's birth details

This means you can directly compare the two reports. For example, you could compare your emotions Emotions subheading or sexual behaviour Sex and aggression subheading against your partners. Or maybe you want to see if you think in the same way Mind and Communications subheading. Did you manage to make any conclusion to the similarities or differences?

If so, then you have just done a bit of synastry astrology. Your extra knowledge about your partner or person you have a love interest in may help you achieve your love goal. The interpretations in each report are derived from the natal chart drawing end of report. If you want to progress your knowledge in this area, you could compare the planetary positions between you and your partners chart. You could also follow this step-by-step guide to birth chart interpretation. It will tell you how to interpret a birth chart the best way possible, for the most accurate of readings.

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Do you want more information regarding synastry? If so, please email me. I will then add more based on what people want. Transits are a powerful prediction method used in astrology. This is where the current positions of the planets are superimposed onto an individuals natal chart.

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  6. Transits are essentially the positions of planets at the present time, or a time in the future. Below is an example of a transit chart for Bill Cosby. The outer wheel represents transits for the 15th November Astrologers use transit charts to look for signs of love. These set the scene of what may happen over the following year. Falling in love is governed by the 5th House in your natal chart. When your 5th House is positively influenced by planets in the sky at the present time, then it is going to be romance in the air for you. Astrologers are able to fast forward transits in your chart to see what dates your 5th house will be influenced.

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    They will also consider the sign that the 5th begins with, and then find out which planet rules the sign. For instance, Taurus is ruled by Venus, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and so on. Then, they would look at your birth chart and find out where that particular planet is on the chart. When this planet is triggered in a positive aspect such as a sextile, conjunction or trine in the present skies, you may have romantic opportunities. Let us take an example to demonstrate this. Using a hypothetical chart with Leo in the beginning of the 5th House, we see that the 5th House for the chart is ruled by the sun.

    If the sun is located in Taurus in the 1st House of the birth chart, positive aspects with the sun in Taurus from outer planets like Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune put you in a love cycle. This is a simple reading, but it can get more complex.