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What Astrology has to say about a Sagittarius and his character, He is generally considered most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. See also.

But even if the relationship doesn't work out, Libra loves a challenge and will always find one with intense fire signs. There's little regret about these relationships because they teach Libra something new—and help this sign find his or her voice. Have your eye on a Libra?

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Well, so does everyone else, so get in line! Even though Librans can present themselves as low-key, they're always aware of who's watching them, and tend to orchestrate events so they're in the spotlight. Knowing this about Libras—their elaborate efforts to make things seem effortless—can be key to capturing their heart. Noticing them, lavishly praising them, and making them feel like they're the most important and attractive person in the room will go a long way to win their hearts.

Here are some other ways to win a Libra's heart:.

Libra Compatibility – Libra Love Relation & Trust Compatibility

Be independent. Libra is drawn to the people who play hard to get. Having your own thing going on, or subtly jockeying for your own spotlight, can only impress them. And doing it at their party? Why, the sheer, sexy nerve of you!

Play bartender and make up a cocktail for them—they'll adore your confidence. Be funny. Librans loves to laugh because it's one of the few times that they can let their guard down.

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Telling them stories—especially self-deprecating anecdotes where the joke's on you—shows that you have confidence. Force them to decide. While a Libra often demurs on making decisions, trust that he or she does have opinions sometimes very strong ones. Letting Libras decide what to do—and praising their choices—will give them the confidence to tell you exactly what they think.

Start slow, and start early.

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Begin by telling them via text just how much you miss their body, and then tell them exactly what you plan to do with it. When you're finally face to face, keep those carnal compliments coming.

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Spend a lot of time on kissing—it's one of Libra's favorite ways to communicate. When it comes to the main event, Libras love you to take charge. Dominant positions, like doggie style, are especially popular with this sign. They love being able to fully let their bodies go and enjoy the physical sensations.

Libra (astrology)

But it's equally important to trade places: Doing role-play and letting them take the lead can help you tune into what they like, and can also free them to tell you what they truly need from you, both in and out of the bedroom. Give her space. A Libra sometimes needs solo time to figure out what she thinks, and pressuring her about it can make her feel resentful. Even if you want to talk about a relationship issue, it's likely to backfire if she's not ready for that conversation.

Let her come to you, and she'll appreciate that you gave her time and space to formulate her thoughts. She'll also be more open about what's really on her mind. Appreciate the in-betweens. When a Libra woman says, "I don't know," she's not being coy—she truly doesn't know, and doesn't want to take sides on an issue until she knows where she stands. Realize that different perspectives exist, and consider trying on another one for size.

21 Secrets Of The Libra Personality…

You're not changing your mind—looking at an issue from another viewpoint is key to understanding the Libra worldview. And likewise, a Sag will know to pick their battles and let an Aries take charge. When these breezy air signs couple up, it's a whirlwind, but also a whole lot of fun. Air signs are always full of ideas, and a Libra-Gemini duo probably already spends their time talking, talking, talking about all their ideas.

That being said, when a Libra and Gemini go from friends to lovers, these two will have already made sure they're on the same page. Both Libras and Geminis are very sociable, and can be the life of the party in their own ways. Libra's coolness and wit and Gemini's eyes-on-me attitude makes them a fun AF couple to hang out with, and fortunately, Hogan says, "Each understands the other's need for more friends and experiences, [so] they seldom get jealous or feel left out. Two water signs in love is bound to be a dramatic, intense affair, but of course, not necessarily in a bad way.

Water signs have a reputation for being deeply sensitive, so they'll bond over getting called "over-emotional. Still, there's enough nuance between a Pisces personality and Scorpio one that allows each of them to bring something fresh to the table. And last but not least, there's this double earth sign couple. In general, earth signs crave practicality. A pair of earth sign friends might be the first, out of all the elements, to see the benefits of dating one of their friends for all the above aforementioned reasons.

In order to make their friendship, and later, their romance work, they'll almost always get down to brass tacks first. Aries are take charge people and iron-willed, while Libras are fair and consider a myriad of options. Both signs are very emotional but also very controlling.

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  • They don't like to express their feelings or be vulnerable but they contain an inner self-confidence that doesn't rely on others. Both signs are very honest but can tend to be unreliable because they don't do well with routine and schedules. They like to continually expand their mind and world view, usually through travel. Both signs tend to have very traditional values especially when it comes to family and children.

    Cancers stand for uninhibited emotions and are maternal figures mother-like of the zodiac whereas Capricorns represent suppressed are the paternal figures of the zodiac father-like. Both signs have big egos and care deeply about what others think of them, though they hide this behind false self-confidence.

    Leo, through their pride self-admiration and Aquarius, through their independence and originality. Both signs are wise and sensitive, which means they're easily hurt but fortunately, they're very resilient.. Virgos are more grounded and use logic while Pisces use empathy and intuition to guide them. Hope you enjoyed. If you're picking up what I'm putting down, you can check out my other articles and my Astrology collection here:. Leo Libra Sagittarius aquarius aries aries and libra article astrology astrology explained cancer cancer and capricorn capricorn cardinal congenial signs fixed gemini gemini and sagittarius leo and aquarius mutable pisces scorpio sister signs taurus taurus and scorpio virgo virgo and pisces zodiac signs.

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